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Pippi Långstrump fanart

18 februari, 2015 § Lämna en kommentar

My daughter has been really into Pippi Longstocking lately so I had to do some fanart =)


Today’s outfit

17 februari, 2015 § Lämna en kommentar

Just a quick doodle using Procreate on my iPad.


Illustration Friday – Passion

25 januari, 2015 § 3 kommentarer

Love at first sight…


Magic Box – second pass assignment 1

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I’m having some serious trouble with this assignment… Is it supposed to take this long to make a color comp?

Anyways, I have worked with some of the feedback I got on my last attempt and removed the lines and values, as well as tried to work out the planes and shapes of the chameleon’s face and the scarf (or whatever that thing is).

Fancy animal_pass3

Magic Box Assignment #1: Color comps

3 januari, 2015 § Lämna en kommentar

Assignment #1 in Chris Oately’s Magic Box was to create color comps. The theme is ”Fancy Animal” where we combine funny animals with classical paintings.

I started out doing some studies of my chosen animal, the chameleon.


Then I did my line drawing and scanned it. In Photoshop I made some changes to the lines and added values.


And then finally I created my color comps based on some inspiration images I found on Pinterest.

Fancy animal

Hoping for feedback!

Chris Oatley Magic Box

3 januari, 2015 § 1 kommentar

This year I’m planning on learning a lot. My awesome husband gave me enrollment in Chris Oately’s Magic Box for christmas. So I’ll be posting a lot of WIP the following months.


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