Ferret in a sweater

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Kitty kitty bang bang

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Stripey summer pants

9 juli, 2014 § Lämna en kommentar

So I finally gave in and got myself a subscription to Ottobre magazine. At first I was super excited because there were so many cute patterns. Cutting went fine, but the instructions were so brief. I’m used to indie-patterns with pictures and detailed instructions, and these were nowhere close. So of course I completely screwed up. But I had already topstitched everything when I realized my mistake so I decided to make it work. This meant cutting off a bunch of fabric and seams and stitching everything down in a different way. They turned out fine and wearable anyway, but I’m going to give them another try and hopefully get them right =)




Sun hat

12 juni, 2014 § Lämna en kommentar

Something useful: the free Oliver + S bucket hat pattern. This came together quickly, although it was a little tricky to fit the round pieces to eachother. I kept ending up with too much fabric somewhere. Looks ok in the end though. The instructions were clear, and everything was going smoothly until I reached the last part where it says to ”handstitch” the last piece. Um, no I don’t think so. So I just put the two head pieces together and sandwiched the brim in between. Then I sewed around with my machine, leaving a hole for turning. Worked great, so I don’t really get why anyone would choose to handstich instead =)


Pineapple pants and unicorn shirt

11 juni, 2014 § Lämna en kommentar

When I saw this pattern from Brindille & Twig I had to have it. I’m a sucker for drop crotch pants and these looked so cute. I had a pineapple print top in my refashion pile that was perfect. The fabric was really hard to work with though, but in the end they turned out great. The pattern instructions were great. I love that the waist has three layers of elastic and a drawstring. Makes them look almost professional =)

Also my sewing machine is acting up. I hope it doesn’t need to go in for service. I broke two needles because it kept getting stuck.

The t-shirt is refashioned from one of mine, but the print is probably a bit of a copyright violation so I won’t show it =)


It’s a Nomster

16 maj, 2014 § Lämna en kommentar

We went to my husband’s nice’s birthday party last weekend. She turned three. We asked her mom what she wanted for her birthday and were told that she is really into scary things right now. So I just had to make her a monster. I wanted to make a deep mouth so that the monster could eat things, and therefore it’s a Nomster. I love how it turned out. I might start making a bunch of these.


Back at it

6 maj, 2014 § Lämna en kommentar

I haven’t been sewing for a while now. First we went away on vacation to New York. And since getting back there’s just been so much other stuff going on. But finally today I managed to finish this little thing during A’s naptime. It came together super quickly and is supposed to be a present for my friend who just had a baby. The pattern is from a Japanese sewing book, although I made some changes to make it baby friendly. (Omitted plastic pellets in the belly and embroidered the face. Also I made it in fleece instead of fur.)


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